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Banlist to server
How to run banlist script on Linux server

1) Run banlist script with normal shell account

2) Run the banlist script automatically once in a hour with crontab

3) Add line "exec banlist.cfg" to server.cfg

4) Make game server to read server.cfg once in every map change by
command "mapchangecfgfile banlist.cfg"

Bash script (for an example /home/linux-user/banlist-updater.sh)



# Get the banlist.cfg -file
wget https://www.gamespec.org/banlist/banlist.cfg

# Remove (rm) the old banlist file
rm -f banlist.cfg /home/linux-user/half-life/hlds_l/cstrike/banlist.cfg

# Move (mv) the new banlist file to the same folder with the game server
mv -f banlist.cfg /home/linux-user/half-life/hlds_l/cstrike/banlist.cfg

# Give chmod rights for the banlsit file
chmod 644 /home/linux-user/half-life/hlds_l/cstrike/banlist.cfg

Crontab (crontab -e)


* */1 * * * /home/linux-user/banlist-updater.sh 2>&1